BITZ Power Tongs Ltd.


Pickup And Laydown Service Edson, Alberta

The Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Edson, AB

When it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods in Edson, AB, it is important for you to work with a company that is capable of providing efficient, effective, and secure pickup and laydown services. The team at Bitz Power Tongs Ltd. provides you with the finest in power truck services.

We operate a fleet of power tong trucks, which allows us to provide our comprehensive services to clients located throughout West Central Alberta and Quebec. When you are in need of our assistance, our team will quickly get you a truck equipped with computer torque monitoring, tongs, and clincher tongs. Furthermore, we always ensure that you are staffed with qualified specialists on your site to ensure safe and successful debris transportation.

The Right Trucks for the Job

Operating 10 power long trucks, our company has the equipment it takes to safely move a wide variety of heavy and dangerous equipment and debris, including casings, pipes, and collars of varying sizes. This is especially helpful when you are trying to save money and time when relocating your drilling operations.

Additionally, thanks to our trained technicians, you do not have to put any of your staff in danger during the pickup or laydown of your debris or equipment. We are experienced with working with a wide variety of different materials, including dangerous goods, and can move everything for you without any of the risks or headaches that could come with trying to move things without a certified specialist.


Computer Monitoring Systems

  • Farr Wincatt Torque Monitor, Wireless Torque Sub Monitoring
  • 4 Wincatt Monitoring & Control Systems for Make-Up Tubular Connections
  • 2 Alweight Torque Monitoring Systems
  • Volant CRTI Casing Running Tool-320-Ton 20” to 7” Pipe


Clincher Tongs

  • 2 Teda Integral 5 1/2" to 2 3/8" Max Torque 9000 ft. lbs.
  • 2 Teda Integral 4 1/2" to 1 3/4" Max Torque 4500 ft. lbs.
  • Integral Tong Farr 5 1/2" to 2 3/8" Max Torque 30,000 ft. lbs.
  • Universe Tong Clinchers 5 1/2" to 2 3/8" Max Torque 15,000 ft. lbs.
  • Universe 9 5/8" to 3 1/2" Max Torque 28,000 ft. lbs.
  • Universe 9 5/8" to 2 3/8" Max Torque 28,000 ft. lbs.



  • 2 Farr High Torque Tongs, 13 3/8” to 5 1/2”, Max Torque 30,000 ft. lbs.
  • 6 Farr Tongs, 10 3/4” to 4 1/2”, Max Torque 14,000 ft. lbs.
  • 1 Eckle Tongs, 7 5/8" TO 2 3/8", Max Torque 14,000 ft. lbs.
  • 1 Farr & Eckle Tongs, 5 1/2” TO 2 3/8”, Max Torque 12,500 ft. lbs.
  • 1 High Torque Tongs 5 1/2" - 2 3/8", Max Torque 28,000 ft. lbs.
  • 10 Farr Lightweight Tongs, 9 5/8” TO 2 7/8”, Max Torque 12,500 ft. lbs.


500 Ton Tools

  • 1 Set of BJ 500-Ton Air-Operated Tools, 7" to 10 3/4", with 500 Ton Spares
  • Stabbing Board & Floor Stands
  • 200-Ton HYC Elevators
  • 125-Ton MYC Elevators
  • 75-Ton YC Elevators


We handle equipment from 13 3/8” to 2 3/8”. Other equipment and supplies include a wide variety of float equipment, slips, spiders, and elevators as well as rubber protectors, drifts, chicks, and wedges.

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We look forward to assisting clients located throughout the Edson, Alberta, area.