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Pickup And Laydown Service Edson, Alberta

Dependable Power Tong Trucks in Edson, AB

The gas and oil industry is competitive. To stay ahead of the crowd, it’s crucial to use the finest equipment available. And when it comes to equipment used for pickup and laydown services, there’s only one company name you need to remember: Bitz Power Tongs Ltd. We’re proud to maintain an impressive fleet of power tong trucks in Edson, AB. Gas and oil professionals across Alberta and Quebec turn to us for equipment they can rely on to remain at the head of their field.

 With our pickup and laydown trucks on your side, you’ll be impressed by the efficiency of your worksite--all without compromising safety or quality. We have the equipment you and your company need for a variety of services, including:

  • Pickup & Laydown
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Debris Transportation

The Right Equipment for the Job

 Here at Bitz Power Tongs Ltd, we believe that the first step to success is using the right equipment for the job. The correct equipment choice leads to safe, productive, and stress-free workplaces. Whether you need debris removed or pipes laid down, count on our professionals, our trucks, and our equipment--we won’t let you down.

We’re known throughout the oil and gas industry for our excellent range of power tong trucks equipment, including:

Certification of Equipment

See below for documentation of our power tong trucks, certified equipment, and tools.


Backup Tong

Contact us today to learn more about our power tong trucks. We are based in Edson, Alberta, and we proudly serve West Central Alberta, as well as Levis, Quebec.